Feel free to fill out the form on the Connect Page to begin a conversation about a custom commission and to be added to the list. I would love to work with you and paint something that helps bring joy, meaning and personal style into your space! 

If you aren't totally sure about the vision of what you want, I am happy to help you think through it and will give you my suggestions for what makes a strong painting. If you have seen a previous painting of mine and want something similar but perhaps want to tweak colors or want it in a specific size, we can do that!

The commission minimum for a painting is $575 with the smallest size being 18" x 18" - I work off of photos as inspiration and reference to capture the proportions and many values (different shades of colors, shadows and light around the subject). If you don't have a photo, that is OK, go ahead and fill out the form to get on the list and we can discuss and figure it out!

Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you! xo