Meet Tamara

The Early Years

Growing up in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina, I remember at a very early age having an awareness and appreciation of color, texture and pattern. The cobblestone streets, vibrant colors of rainbow row and details of historical architecture were always inspiring. I grew up with a single mother and was surrounded by many women (her friends, my grandmother, friends of my own and now two daughters) who have greatly influenced my life. It’s been neat for me to discover years later that many of my life experiences have in fact shaped and influenced my style and the subject matter that I feel drawn to as an artist.

After several years of selling building materials in the corporate world, I took the step of faith to launch a card company in 2008, when the timing felt right and with the encouragement from my husband.

Growing in Business + Faith

After exhibiting at the National Stationery Show in NYC in 2011, I began a licensed partership as a card artist working with Recycled Paper Greetings (a division of American Greetings) along with other manufacturers. It’s been surreal seeing my cards in national retailers across the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to share my art (and my heart) with others in this way. It’s also been a vehicle for me to grow in faith seeing over the years how God has opened the doors through prayer, passion and perseverance along this creative journey. In 2016, I began to feel a pull to continue to stretch and grow creatively and began to transition from being a self taught digital designer to a painter/fine artist. I craved to be more hands on and wanted to “feel” the process with an actual brush, paint and canvas; not solely drawing with an electronic pen into a computer screen. I immediately fell in love with the tactile elements of fine art and to have the ability to tangibly touch the creative process. It’s been such a joy to see how my art has evolved and grown alongside me over the years.

Style + Inspiration

I would describe my style as feminine, eclectic, relaxed yet elegant. I feel very drawn to creating figurative work and love the calming effect of keeping them monochromatic. I infuse real cloth into the ruffles of the figure's clothing so that the cloth is literally raised off of the canvas resulting in a 3 dimensional effect as it creates extra interest through the unexpected texture. I also love painting marsh and low country landscapes that represent a place that is so near and dear to my heart. I love to incorporate playful brush strokes paint splatters. As an artist, I find inspirations in the daily moments and experiences; coffee with a dear friend, walking through a field of wild flowers, bicycle rides, a walk along the ocean shore, travel, meaningful conversations/ reflection and the most treasured of all…time spent with my husband and our two daughters.