Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken | 16" x 20"

These new florals represent new life as well as the changing seasons, much like our lives. We celebrate new moments, beloved people, new opportunities, new experiences and new adventures that make life the ever changing thing that it is. It's so interesting how the seasons change much like our lives do as humans.

Speaking of seasons, I'm realizing just how fleeting motherhood is.  I saw a quote recently that said, "when kids are very young, the days are long, but as they become teenagers you realize how the years are so short" and I can honestly say, I now know what that means. 

I took the summer off and spent as much time as I could with my daughters...many days poolside at our beloved local pool and swim team surrounded by many friends, both old and new and a week at the coast. Soaking in every bit of goodness and holding on to the time that I've been given right now. 

I hope these paintings also resonate to the places in you where you can relate to holding on and taking in the precious moments, people and experiences that we get the privilege to call life.